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The Pre-Approval Process

How does it work? We have developed an online loan application to save you time and money. By having you enter your basic personal and financial information, we can limit the number of personnel needed to process your loan and increase privacy. Getting pre-approved for a car loan is also a great way to get behind the wheel of your next car quicker. Instead of asking potential lenders for a precise amount, we will first negotiate for you the maximum amount they are ready to lend you for your next vehicle. Based on your credit score and financial history, you will be presented with a form of “blank check” and you’ll be ready to shop.


You will of course have the option to use all or only part of the amount. Shopping online for your auto loan has many other benefits, including speed. Car loan applications are processed quickly since information is entered directly into a lender’s database. No hassle with filling out paper forms. This also allows us to keep our cars at great prices since we can better limit our overhead costs. Can buying a vehicle really help me re-establish my credit? Yes, when checking with the credit bureau, many lending institutions look at automobile loans closer than any other type of loan (other than home loans) to verify your credit standing. Secured credit cards are no help at all – you are really borrowing your own money with the glory of having apiece of plastic in your wallet. Buying a car from a “buy here, pay here” lot that does not report to the credit reporting agency is simply not very smart because it does not help your credit record at all either.

So the smart choice and the intelligent way to go is to rebuild your credit with a car loan* and we’ll show you how! Apply now! you will be amazed to see how fast and simple it is to get pre-approved… You could be driving your new vehicle today!


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