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Jackson Motors was founded more than 40 years ago.

Buy a car from a Mechanic, not just a guy in a tie: Buy from Barry Jackson.


MYname is Barry Jackson, and for 33 years I worked in the family business known locally as G.F. Perrin’s founded over 50 years ago by my paternal grandparents.  As a teen, I spent many hours hanging around my Grandmother’s garage along with my uncles Donny (Perrin) and Elmo (Jackson). Other than the time spent at the cottage on Charleston Lake or boating on the St Lawrence with family and friends, the garage was the only other place I wanted to be. It was like my home. I often made excuses or attempted to skip school to be at the garage. So, after high school my Grandmother simply said, “if you’re going to hang around here, you have to get an education and she promptly enrolled me in the Mechanic’s Apprenticeship Program at St Lawrence College in Cornwall. It was the best gift she could have ever given to me.

I oversaw 5 Technicians and an Apprentice, a Warranty Clerk, a Dispatcher, our shuttle service, and the Parts Department. I was IMG_2184also responsible for the budgeting and forecasting of the Service Department. In 1997, I was awarded the Service Excellence Award from Chrysler Canada Ltd. In 2001, I earned (and maintained to-date) my Platinum status with Daimler Chrysler as well as ensuring that the entire dealership achieved its Bronze status for 5-Star audit and recognition. Since I had only ever worked within the walls of G. F. Perrin’s, I was completely unprepared for what happened next. Without much ado, after 33 years in a dealership that was not just my place of work, but my home and my passion I was told along with the other employees that the dealership’s history had come to an end. I was there when the doors were closed, January 2006… In July of the same year, I opened Jackson Motors & Marine and started expanding on the 40-year history of Jackson Motors promoting the sales of quality used vehicles, great value, financing, and maintenance on all types of vehicles, boats and motors.

My father, Murray Jackson, founded Jackson Motors more than 40 years ago. He has successfully operated his company as a sole proprietor until his recent “semi” retirement at the age of 75! Jackson Motors has developed a long lasting loyalty with its customers. This is very important, especially in the auto industry where trust and honesty are not always the image of most used car lots and repair facilities.

Jackson Motors & Marine addresses the unmet need of having a used car dealer with a repair facility (service) and vehicle financing (sales). These distinct but complimentary services will benchmark our customer service, something that the industry is not known for having. The used vehicle market has a lot of competition, however, almost all only sell and do not offer service. Jackson Motors & Marine differentiates itself by having 3 bays at its location. This is great value to our company since we do not have to sublet our safety inspections, oil changes, clean up, detailing, etc.

I have only ever worked in the auto industry and for 33 years I was devoted to the family-owned Chrysler dealership. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, the dealership was closed after 55 years of business in the City of Brockville. Fortunately, I had also earned my OMVIC/CAI (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) Automotive Certification in 2001, which permits me to sell vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. (Many “curbsiders” do not follow the “Act” which requires dealers and salespeople to conduct their business activities with honesty, integrity, financial responsibility and in accordance with the law.)

I believe I am the only vehicle dealer in this area that can say they have literally worked in the auto industry from the garage floor up and still “in service” today. I am a licensed mechanic, certified salesperson and experienced automotive manager. I believe the breadth of the skills and knowledge I possess, my customer-oriented focus will allow me to serve you with professionalism and provide you with peace-of-mind!

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!  ~ Barry Jackson


Winning a business award is an exciting achievement and we are thrilled to share that Jackson Motors & Marine won an autoTrader.ca Best Priced Dealer Award 2020!

AutoTRADER: We are thrilled to announce that you have been selected as a Winner of the autoTRADER.ca Best Priced Dealer Award for 2020! You are receiving this award in recognition of your commitment to advertising your vehicles with great prices on the most trusted marketplace in Canada, autoTRADER.ca. Your dealership has shown a commitment to consumer transparency. Congratulations, and keep up the great pricing!
– The TRADER Team


We are so excited about this national exposure for Jackson Motors & Marine! Over the last decade, we’ve had the opportunity to meet customers from all across Canada. We have opened early and we have stayed late, we have traveled to airports, bus and train stations to meet customers who have found us online. These customers have traveled from as far as Dawson Creek (BC), Boissevain (MB), New Waterford (NS) and all across Ontario and Quebec. And of course, our local customers from Brockville, Athens, Charleston… we greatly appreciate you and your support and your referrals.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude. You, our valued customers have made the past 14 years an unforgettable venture. Thank you to everyone for supporting us and the business we love. Sincerely, Barry & Wendy

New-car smell or used-car price?

Used. Pre-owned. Previously enjoyed. Gone are the days of the shark-skin-suit used car salesmen offering old heaps that were owned by little old ladies who only drove to church on Sundays. Today, used cars are not only a safe buy, they make good financial sense.

I did a bit of research on this and came up with a general rule that a car will depreciate about 20% per year. Now, I’ve seen some ridiculous depreciation estimates like 30-40% as soon as you drive it off the lot. All I can say is that if you know someone who is willing to sell their car for a huge discount after driving it off the lot then buy it. Has anyone ever sold their car on the day they bought it?


  • A used vehicle will cost significantly less than new (even with rebates). Remember, even at 0 per cent interest, you’ll be driving a used vehicle as soon as you leave the lot, and quickly see the value of your asset depreciate.
  • So, when you buy used, you will miss out on the heaviest depreciation hit.
  • You can move up in prestige (with all the bells & whistles) when you buy used.
  • All of our vehicles are subjected to a rigorous inspection and repair process.
  • Many are still covered by manufacturers’ warranty, are off-lease or one-owner vehicles (Such warranties can increase the cost of the vehicle, but can provide you with increased piece of mind, making them a good value).
  • Used vehicles are usually cheaper on insurance rates.
  • Vehicles are better built and last longer than ever before, which means you’re less likely to get a lemon and we offer vehicle history reports like CarFax or CarProof.
  • Today, late-model used cars are not only a safe buy, they make good financial sense.


  • Hi guys, I wanted to tell you that we are loving our new van!  Thanks!  We had a nice smooth drive to Sarnia and the boys loved the reclining back seats hahaha.  Talk to you soon.Suzanne (Athens, ON)
  • I have the car. I love it and thanks for the hat.  We appreciate the great customer service and will tell everyone how well we were treated.  Thanks again.Bob & Janet (Brighton, ON)
  • I want to thank you two for the exceptional help and professionalism in dealing with Agnes and I as we purchased the 2004 Taurus from you.  I feel a bit ashamed of myself for asking you to increase the trade-in value of our car after your initial offer. I did not realize how well this car had been cared for compared to the one we had until after I got this home and drove it for a while. (I just had it undercoated on friday and I’ll replace the split serpentine belt next week). Ultimately, it seems that I actually thought more of our older car than I should have. This was probably because I spent too much money on it on top of what I initially paid for it.  This prejudiced my thinking on trade-in, and I want you to know this. You are both wonderful people and have my admiration. I do hope you can get what you need from our trade-in.  It was actually a pretty good, economical and reliable car to drive while we had it, with some minor exceptions. I would refer anyone you with full confidence in your inherent integrity and fairness in dealing with them as well.  You have a right to the excellent reputation that you speak of.  I hope things work out alright in any case. We really like this car.  Thank you so much, and God Bless you both with much success and happiness.  You are really good people.Bob & Agnes (Oxford Mills, ON)
  • I really, really, really love my new car!!!  So does everyone else!!!  Thanks again!!Michelle O. (Brockville, ON)
  • Just wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making this deal a success.  I really value all of the effort you have put in to this and the kindness you’ve shown.  I am really looking forward to driving off with my new truck.  Thank you again.Melody (Portland, ON)

In the end, all things have a price and, of course, there’s that new car smell, often at several thousand more dollars. Is it worth it? If you are looking to stretch your vehicle-buying dollar as far as possible, it’s hard to argue against buying used!  I think the biggest issue with new cars is the massive depreciation after the first year. If you are a new car person, why not buy an “almost new” car that is one or two years old? At least that way you still get the new car feel, intact warranty, AND you don’t need to pay for the initial 20% depreciation.

While the new car smell can be quite inviting, don’t forget to do the math. STEERING YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, Barry Jackson

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